Are you a lady entrepreneur who wants to take it to the next level but is stuck in the "I just don't know what I'm doing" mental loop? We need to chat ASAP!
There is no reason you can't be out there kicking-a** like the rest of us! 
Let me give you a roadmap and some motivation, so we can get this show on the road!
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What 52 Freshies is All About

Just be you.

You are awesome exactly as you are. The world deserves your talents.

Your Voice Matters

We are all going through the same stuff. Make your voice known and don't ever feel alone in this world.


When you plan (even if you're a slacker planner) your business will grow.


Even the small wins matter. It all adds up. Progress is progress.

Take A Step

Even one step forward makes a difference.

Stickers and Notebooks

Just buy them all. They make the world a better place.

From The Blog...

Hello It's Me (and if you just sang that line we should totally be friends like right now #oldsoul #ToddRundgren)...and welcome to 52 Freshies. My name is Ilissa, Goal Cultivator + Strategist.
I am a former horrible planner, like I just didn't do it at all no matter how hard I tried to be in the cool planner crowd. For years I believed in my ideas, but not in myself and spent a huge amount of time not getting much accomplished that mattered. Then I figured out the secret, tiny steps, that propelled my business (& my self confidence) forward. I found my passion and here we are today. Let's do this!

Every week is a fresh start.
Set those goals.
Hit those targets.
Cue the Confetti

How We Work Together

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